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What is Ideal love?

How often we try to deny the fact that our heart is in search of that Ideal love. but what is important is not the denial that matters but the reality that is important. every relationship has a story to tell but not the story of Ideal Love.

Friends, these days it is very easy to kick off a relationship. (you can be sure our days is the most shocking, worse and frightening of all) because the Simplicity of finding someone to love hinders the completeness of Ideal Love. Because  just like; Samson finding Delilah,(maybe on chat) Amnon found Tamar (voice call) Dinah met Prince of Shechem (possibly on poke). Oh! This remarkable people never found Ideal love. There was simply no place for Ideal love in their relationship

it is very simple to say that ideal love is the perfect love that casteth out all fears. because there is no fear in Ideal love for ideal love expresses freely and can not be in doubts. just like a burning candle light

if while Waiting to find Ideal Love;

Ideal LOVE has never being bought neither has it been sold. Beauty is not  but Ideal LOVE is beautiful.
LOVE is amazing but so difficult to find its true meaning. Even as the dictionary made matters worst by hiding the true meaning in the definition.

many reasons we need to search for that Ideal Love
One thing I have known in my years is that there are as many friends as there are many Lovers but at one time LOVE comes into the scene and disappears. Shadows of people who I see falling in love without knowing makes me so afraid of falling in LOVE. Because they say LOVE is blind now if a fall into something that is blind then with my two eyes seeing I must miss my way.
Enough Love Movies, music, literatures at one time say many things about LOVE leaving me in confusion.
Recently, a friend told me I have got a Lover until he later came back to met me and told me he is looking for who could LOVE him Ideally. So this time I told him could there be Lover without Ideal LOVE he said yes there are relationships without IdeaLOVE……. I shouted out my heart.
But Ideal LOVE I know is the reason to live
Ideal LOVE is the reason to die
Ideal LOVE is the reason that gives life a meaning
Ideal LOVE is the reason to smile
If Ideal LOVE has all these reasons then LOVE must have its true meaning, but as I try to find it in my emotions with my eyes close then it was gone, then all I could see is a Lover not Ideal LOVE.
Feelings diagnosis, love prognosis:

then no doubts you are two steps away as you visit


Ideal Love?

Ideal love is aiming at bringing out every mystery, every truth and removing every interference in the truth about love. now, I remember it was the 12th stone(i.e Joseph) that the builder rejected (his brothers) that later became the significant one…so is love it is Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted by none.
here is ideal love!!


Love is the soul’s ultimate search but with truth we can find Ideal love right with us. we are not here to hide our feelings but question them we are not here to sell an idea but find the truth for the benefits of our heart. we are her because we need to have an ideal love in an ideal relationship and not an idle one… not just for those who believe in it. but love is that indispensable part of us that often times we deny or ignore but it always confronts us!

why Ideal love?

so we are ready to buy the truth and will not sell or interchange it. the truth lives forever and cannot be in doubts. so is an ideal love. having the truth in the inside no doubts we already have the love for ourself in the inside and ready to TRULY love no matter what. love is never in Illusion in the first place. if it were then we are the ones who made it an illusion! truth always lights up the way but the various cloudiness, fear and falsehood had made love in our time the cause of murder, death, disease, disappointment, heartbreak, revenge, suicide and worst injustice of all time. the quesion is should we fold our hands and watch the truth slip and not ready to do any thing about it?. so we let love become lust allow emotion overtakes the place of true love, let movies teach our heart how to fall in love, let books give us the tactics of how to manufacture/make love…friends i say no! what do you say?
Ideal love is unfolding the greatest mystery of Love.

But someone must have thought that; finding the Ideal love in the relationship is the most difficult of all . ….then  It is simply because of the truth we have chosen not to believe and live in our feelings all day while travelling right beside our fears.

“should we keep living in the fear of; …. i don’t know if he/she truly loves me??, can i really trust him/her, is he/she the right one for me?? But let love be that Ideal thing we want to do. And not just being in a relationship as a way of attaining status.

Nuggets: “ Ideal love is never sown in fear”

can Ideal Love see?

recognized by the heart realized by the head rejected sometimes by the mind reasoned by the hand and mind released by the soul. just hold on it is holding out….Love can see where there is enough light. and truth is that which lightens the way

Is love a joke? May be because Love tips is love pits in reverse. Love articles becomes love particles in the ideal love. The most popular love is the red coloured heart you can always see in Google images. It could also be a love song or sound you hear but the love truth is the bitter but better way to love and be loved. Visit today for more

can Ideal Love see?

what do you know about Ideal Love


Love expressly freely and can’t be sown in doubts or fear.

The many heart felt questions about love has received various answers. But the truth is always defeated in one’s idea, view and selfish interest in the true meaning of love. But here! is bringing a perfect picture about love. So many thinks Love is just ideas but No! Love must be ideal.  Ideal love is all about you and the love that is ideal. It is not just born out of personal ideas, views or philosophies but the truth about love in its simplest form.

Perfect love which casteth out all fears.

Here, Questions are answered based on the truth…every answer brings you closer to the truth. Ideal love brings about the IDEAL

Life in you

Original You

Virtue in You

Everything in you

Because. …Many waters cannot quench love

This site is a Christian based website that is bringing hope and life to the hopeless, the broken hearted, divorced, disappointed. Through, the Holy Spirit inspired sessions of heartfelt counseling, worthy advice and prayers to millions world-wide.

The 21st century messenger of love Daniel Apah (a.k.a. Apostle of Love) and his team bring to light the truth. To make a complete picture of perfect love;  which casteth out all fears. The author of the must read; “ love don’t cost  a dinar” “ “turn the other cheek”, “before and during courtship”, “give him drink”, “knowing God’s will in your marriage”… and other love truth series . as a poet his love poems are heart-revealing and heart- healing. With pure knowledge from God. A seasoned teacher, counselor and encourager to many.  Whom through God-given revelations & knowledge has been a blessing to lives.

Not just promoting Ideal love in relationships but equipping every heart with what it takes to love ideally.

For everyone has lots of gifts in its;


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